Teaching style

I teach Vinyasa Flow yoga which is a fluid style of yoga where postures are synchronsied with the breath. Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means to place in a specific way. There isn't a set sequence yet the asana are linked together in a logical, creative flow, which we practice with mindful attention. The term krama means step by step or progression; vinyasa krama is therefore a useful explanantion of how the postures are linked in a specific way with a logical progression.

In each of my classes there is a theme which is often a peak pose that we work up to, having prepared the body during the sequence. Some classes focus on hip opening, twists, back bends, or arm balances, yet each class is balanced in that the spine moves in all directions, and incorporates postures that build strength, increase flexibility and improve balance.



I teach beginners and those with experience. In mixed level classes I give options to travel softly and offer variations to add more challenge. My teaching style is soft and encouraging, although classes have a strong flow. I suggest that there isn't a 'doing it wrong,' rather I guide the class with safe alignment cues so you can experience the pose in whatever expression of it you are in. 

Being non-competitive is important, as we are on our own journey on the mat. By bringing our awareness to our rhythmic, ujjai breath and having a dristi or gazing point, we can be with ourselves and not compare to our neighbours. Moreover by focusing on the body and breath we are practicing dharana or concentration which helps to quieten the mind from the constant chatter, in turn entering a moving meditation.

I include a seated meditation in each class, as traditionally the asana are used to prepare the body to sit for long periods in meditation aiming to transcend the physical body and mind. Perhaps more attainable by the end of the practice is to experience a blissful place that lies within.

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